Tim Jagielski

Previous Experience:

Marine Consulting

Vigor Marine & Cascade General

Assisted in supervising multiple projects, including:
Emory S Land
Empress of the North

US Barge/ US Fab

Oversaw barge construction in buildway for YB1 and Left Coast Lifter

Riverside Marine

Supervised winter repair work on multiple vessels

Manitowoc Marine Group  •  [ GM of Toledo and Cleveland Shipyards ]

New construction experience involving
Great Lakes
Staten Island Ferries
Tug-Barge Combos
OPA 90 Tankers
1000’ Vessels
Facilitated a mix of industrial work

B&B Boat Builders

Fabricated (2) hulls for push boats

Cenac Shipyard

Fabricated (2) hulls and cabins for new push boats

JAG Industrial & Marine Services, Industrial Manufacturing, Marine Repair and Ship Building, Riveting, Quality Assurance

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