Rocky Alford

Previous Experience:

Director of Safety and Compliance and Lead instructor for MUTI Training Institute

(OSHA 10, CPR First Aid, RF Awareness, Advanced Rigging 1019A, ETC)
Midwest Underground Utilities INC.

Director of Safety and Compliance and Lead instructor for Meteorite LLC.

Additional 15 years Construction Manager, Project Manager, Regional Manager, Safety and Compliance, also Special Services in Procurement.

Certifications additional Qualifications-

Certified with Comtrain, Gravitec and Trachtel as Tower Rescue instructor For 15 years

Authorized Instructor for OSHA10 and 30

Comment Rigging Instructor 1019A

Lead Abatement Supervisor

Competent Shipyard Person

CPR First Aid Instructor

JAG Industrial & Marine Services, Industrial Manufacturing, Marine Repair and Ship Building, Riveting, Quality Assurance

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