John Jagielski

Previous Experience:

Local 85 Boilermaker 16 yrs Rossford ,Ohio

Campbell Transportation Company C.T.C

Rebuilds of a river Tug Bill Stile complete stern replacement and Bulk heads

Fraser Shipyard

Supervised 90 employee during winter repair work

Hansen Industrial Ship Repair

Lead Foreman at Martin Marietta Larges Lime Plant

in the states, Genoa Lime,  replacement and rebuild at all aspects on facilities

Manitawoc Industrial

Additional Experience:

Supervised 10 HVAC replacement teams east coast AT&T

Supervised 100 employees on modern cement plant in Union Bridge, MD

Worked at various facilities BP refinery, Marsulex (acid plant)

Supervised and Managed in the build of Floating Dry Dock for Southwest Ship Yard 80×360 with 20’ wing walls  45 men on site

Have had several years on jobs from heavy machinery to structural steel, pipping and large screen desk to kilns.


CPR and AED certified

OSHA 10 hour

Blue-print analysis

Welding (SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, GMAW, Oxy-Fuel and Sub-Arc)

Shipyard C.P.

JAG Industrial & Marine Services, Industrial Manufacturing, Marine Repair and Ship Building, Riveting, Quality Assurance

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