Vice President of Compliance Program Management

Gene Thelin Previous Experience: 35 years of increased responsibility in the marine Industry successfully transitioning from traditional hull mechanical & electrical positions into the C4I arena as well as from technician/subject matter expert to a Program Manager role. Successfully managed complex programs as a Program Manager for the USCG Electronic Charting and Integrated Navigation [...]

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Lead Recruiter

Jacques Millette Previous Experience: Crane Inspection Services Inc. Fairhope, AL Nationwide Servicing & Operator Training. Lead OSHA Crane Inspector OSHA Safety Trainer OSHA Compliance, Repair & Inspections Service and Inspection provided to all types and styles of crane Staffing Agency – Gulf Coast Primary Recruiter Office Manager Marriott Hotels – Various locations Gulf & [...]

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Field Supervisor

John Jagielski Previous Experience: Local 85 Boilermaker 16 yrs Rossford ,Ohio Campbell Transportation Company C.T.C Rebuilds of a river Tug Bill Stile complete stern replacement and Bulk heads Fraser Shipyard Supervised 90 employee during winter repair work Hansen Industrial Ship Repair Lead Foreman at Martin Marietta Larges Lime Plant in the states, Genoa Lime,  [...]

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Project Manager

Eddie Treadway Previous Experience: Retired Navy 20 years Hull tech high pressure pipe and plate welder and fitter Local Union 32 5 years as a journeyman marine pipe fitter JAG 2 years as Jag Forman working on cell towers generator’s install all over the US. 3 years as a Jag field superintendent working on [...]

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Director of Compliance & Process

Robert Davis Previous Experience: US Navy 4956 Nuclear Power Plant & Components Welder Fabrication and repair of Navy Nuclear and Non-Nuclear propulsion and piping systems worldwide. DCTT (Damage Control Training Team) Leader. Responsible for all at sea fire and flooding training. Local 631/26/32/598 Plumbing and Pipefitters Union, Pipe Welder – Washington State Steam Fitter [...]

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Vice President of West Coast Operations

Rick  Weaver Previous Experience: USN 4956 Nuclear Power plant Components Welder Graduated top of class US Navy 4956 Nuclear Power Plant Components Welding School San Diego CA Fabrication and repair of Nuclear systems on submarines and surface Nuclear powered vessels. Personally have held NAVSEA certifications (nuke and non-nuke) in all welding processes and base [...]

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Senior Vice President

Charles Minton Previous Experience: Prior to coming on board with JAG Industrial and Marine Services, Mr. Minton was Executive Vice President of Bellaire Harbor Service/River Salvage Company, Inc. (and their affiliated companies) from 2011 through 2014, President of Campbell Transportation Company from 2004 through 2011, Vice President of Engineering with the Interlake Steamship Company [...]

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Vice-President & Co-Founder

Tim Jagielski Previous Experience: Marine Consulting Vigor Marine & Cascade General Assisted in supervising multiple projects, including: Emory S Land Columbia Stuyvesant Empress of the North US Barge/ US Fab Oversaw barge construction in buildway for YB1 and Left Coast Lifter Riverside Marine Supervised winter repair work on multiple vessels Manitowoc Marine Group  •  [...]

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President & Co-founder

Douglas Huff Previous Experience: American Tower (AMT) • [ Sr. VP of Finance, Operations & Engineering ] During tenure, AMT had a $ 28 Billion market cap 2nd largest US telecom company behind only AT&T 25,000 Domestic cell sites Manitowoc Marine Group (MTW) • [ Asst. GM & group CFO ] During tenure, MTW [...]

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