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Turnkey Project Management

JAG Industrial and Marine Services provides Turnkey Project Management, skilled labor and quality assurance for marine repair, shipbuilding and a wide range of industrial manufacturing projects.  We work throughout the United States and have supported multiple projects abroad. In just 5 years, JAG has moved from start-up to industry leader in:

Industrial & Manufacturing Services
Marine Services
Quality Assurance

JAG is a company built by marine tradesmen themselves.  Our ownership has over 100-years combined experience in ship repair and shipbuilding.  We offer labor services capable of completing every aspect of all marine and industrial repair and manufacturing projects. This includes, but is not limited to, project management, supervisors, foreman, welders/fitters, painters, electricians, joiners, certified firewatch and many other types of skilled craftsmen.

Our Quality Assurance Program is second to none.  Our staff includes AWS CWI/ASNT level II VT and ABS approved stamped WPS’.  This enables our company to update, develop or review a customer’s WPS’ and ensure quality company wide. JAG also has extensive experience with all regulatory bodies and can represent the customer on-site fulfilling all regulatory requirements, if needed.

Additionally, JAG has researched and developed an extensive QC manual on the riveting process complete from the removal process, repair, preparation, renewals, mechanical tightening and testing. We are confident there are no other companies that currently possess our level of expertise in the riveting field.


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